Live Blogging: Solar Eclipse 2017

7:44am The sun is rising here in Toronto. He'll take a nap in the early afternoon between 1:10-3:40pm. The peak is expected around 2:30pm. Stay tuned for more updates! 8:55 We have to consider ourselves lucky we can see a solar eclipse at all. In fact, this phenomenon is not a direct consequence of any profound … Continue reading Live Blogging: Solar Eclipse 2017


The Scariest Thing of All

This post is not about politics, but the failure of statistics applied to politics. Our technology, the science behind big data, Bayesian statistics, and ultimately their incarnation in Nate Silver's model, all crumbled down last night. Sure, the FiveThrityEight blog keeps saying that there was a high level of uncertainty associated with the polls, mostly due … Continue reading The Scariest Thing of All

Why don’t we build a particle accelerator orbiting the Sun?

Disclaimer: this is a blog post, not a paper. Seriously, I'm not suggesting to build such an accelerator, but I believe that by trying to answer this question the reader can learn something about the intriguing realm of accelerator physics. The Large Hadron Collider operating at CERN is the most powerful collider ever built by … Continue reading Why don’t we build a particle accelerator orbiting the Sun?

Has Particle Physics Been Hijacked by ET?

After the two sophons arrive on Earth, their first mission is to locate the high-energy particle accelerators used by humans for physics research and hide within them. At the level of science development on Earth, the basic method for exploring the deep structure of matter is to use accelerated high-energy particles to collide with target … Continue reading Has Particle Physics Been Hijacked by ET?