What to do in physics when “everything else fails”

10. Subtract Infinity 9. Add heavy fermions 8. Set all fermion masses to zero 7. Invent another symmetry 6. Throw it on the lattice 5. Blame it on the Planck scale 4. Recall the success of the SM 3. Invoke the Anthropic Principle 2. Wave hands a lot, speak with a strong accent 1. Manipulate … Continue reading What to do in physics when “everything else fails”


Supersymmetry for the masses

Introduction Since the times of the Ancient Greece, Natural Philosophers (they had several names, from time to time) have often asked themselves what the "world" is really made of. The first answer was "atoms" ("impossible to divide further"), and, as today, we still can't prove if it's true or not. Nowadays, this word has the … Continue reading Supersymmetry for the masses