Of Time, Entropy and Consciousness

My fascination with entropy began during my Freshman year, when a colleague suggested me to read a book written by the Nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine . For some reason unknown to me, the Belgian-Russian physicist was awarded the honorary citizenship of my hometown - an honour later awarder to another Nobel laureate, Gerard 't Hooft - so maybe … Continue reading Of Time, Entropy and Consciousness

The Higgs Boson: A God Particle, After All?

Forewords My opinion about this issue shifts as more data are accumulated according to the Bayes theorem, so it may change in the near future after the LHC Run2 starts. Anyway, it seems to me that data are pointing towards J. A. Wheeler's self-aware Universe. What if the truth was that we are afraid of … Continue reading The Higgs Boson: A God Particle, After All?