Re-discover Neptune with Processing

As we saw in the previous post, it's quite easy to make even not-so-basic physics simulations with Processing and Jeffrey Traer's library for physics. This time we'll give a closer look to the discovery of Neptune. We won't be really accurate here, I just want to give you the gist of it. Reverse engineering the … Continue reading Re-discover Neptune with Processing


Live Blogging: #Higgs Boson

One day before: Update from CDF/D0 Tevatron's experiments CDF and D0 just published their most up-to-date searches for the Standard Model Higgs boson. You can read the preprint here [arXiv:1207.0449] and take a closer look at the bonanza of new plots here.What they see is a mild excess especially in the h->bb decay channel, for which … Continue reading Live Blogging: #Higgs Boson