Temperature Measurement using Arduino and a Thermistor

Components Arduino Duemilanove Board, a USB cable and of course a PC/Mac A 10kOhm thermistor A 10kOhm resistor A breadboard wires Hot topic It'g getting hotter and hotter. Is it due to global warming? Who knows, but in the meanwhile we can measure the temperature with our Arduino board and a thermistor. A thermistor is … Continue reading Temperature Measurement using Arduino and a Thermistor


Solar-Powered Arduino Board

Components Arduino Duemilanove Board 12V Solar Panel 1N4007 Diode 25V 100uF Capacitor 9V Rechargeable Battery and connector A breadboard and some wires (suggested red and black) A multimeter to measure tensions 1) Green Power Arduino datasheet suggests us to power it with 6-20V, being aware that the upper limit could be dangerous. It seems that … Continue reading Solar-Powered Arduino Board