Of Time, Entropy and Consciousness

My fascination with entropy began during my Freshman year, when a colleague suggested me to read a book written by the Nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine . For some reason unknown to me, the Belgian-Russian physicist was awarded the honorary citizenship of my hometown - an honour later awarder to another Nobel laureate, Gerard 't Hooft - so maybe … Continue reading Of Time, Entropy and Consciousness


Theory of Everything: A geometric approach to the standard model

Here is Garrett's conclusions paragraph giving a descriptive overview of what he has accomplished: "This paper has progressed in small steps to construct a complete picture of gravity and the standard model from the bottom up using basic elements with as few mathematical abstractions as possible. It began and ended with the description of a … Continue reading Theory of Everything: A geometric approach to the standard model

Doubly Special Relativity

  Doubly-special relativity — also called deformed special relativity or, by some, extra-special relativity — is a modified theory of special relativity in which there is not only an observer-independent maximum velocity (the speed of light), but an observer-independent minimum length (the Plank length). This was first proposed in a paper by Giovanni Amelino-Camelia, though … Continue reading Doubly Special Relativity