Of Time, Entropy and Consciousness

My fascination with entropy began during my Freshman year, when a colleague suggested me to read a book written by the Nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine . For some reason unknown to me, the Belgian-Russian physicist was awarded the honorary citizenship of my hometown - an honour later awarder to another Nobel laureate, Gerard 't Hooft - so maybe … Continue reading Of Time, Entropy and Consciousness


The Computational Universe

The Laws of Nature When you first encounter physics at school, you are initiated to the common idea that at least in principle every phenomenon could be explained if we knew which are exactly the "Laws of Nature". This idea is pretty simple, but not free from conceptual problems. First of all, you are assuming … Continue reading The Computational Universe

Theory of Everything: A geometric approach to the standard model

Here is Garrett's conclusions paragraph giving a descriptive overview of what he has accomplished: "This paper has progressed in small steps to construct a complete picture of gravity and the standard model from the bottom up using basic elements with as few mathematical abstractions as possible. It began and ended with the description of a … Continue reading Theory of Everything: A geometric approach to the standard model

Doubly Special Relativity

  Doubly-special relativity — also called deformed special relativity or, by some, extra-special relativity — is a modified theory of special relativity in which there is not only an observer-independent maximum velocity (the speed of light), but an observer-independent minimum length (the Plank length). This was first proposed in a paper by Giovanni Amelino-Camelia, though … Continue reading Doubly Special Relativity